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Next Level Service

​At RIM INTERNET we support you in setting up your business or your home with a new internet service or change to more reliable service with a fixed monthly rate. 

The initial discussion is to determine what the service needs are and the installation location for the internet service. 

We gather the location information and investigate location while on the phone or over email. Once we determine the location can be serviced we help you place the modem order. 


If necessary we can visit and test the location for service. There may be a service fee for the customer test visit depending on location. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer Service and Support has several options to best service the request:

  • In-person installation and/or support

  • Texting 

  • Email

  • Telephone

  • Zoom video call


Internet Support Requests are our priority and responded to quickly with after-hours emergency support provided.

​We have satisfied customers nationwide, we invite you to call us to experience the difference for yourself.

Online Discussion
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