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1. If you are not satisfied please call us at 928-821-4897 and give us a chance to get the service working to your satisfaction.


2. The Third-Party internet service can canceled in first 3 days, you can cancel anytime, the refund is pro-rated for the time used or the amount of data used.  Activation fees and labor or service installation are non-refundable.  If you want to cancel internet service after the 3 days, you must also let us know you want to cancel BEFORE your next billing cycle, or you will be billed for the month. There are NO REFUNDS or reimbursements for lost of service or monthly service fees. The Third-Party internet vendor paid for monthly service will issue refunds if canceled within first 3 days. NO REFUNDS for SIM cards not working.

3. Third Party and RIM provided hardware in the first 3 days and NO REUNDS for any other fees, or in-home installation. RIM does NOT REFUND internet service for any reason.


4. NO REFUNDS for internet service or lose of internet service for any reason.


5. All Hardware must be returned in its original packaging, in the first 3 days like new working condition and have no damage upon receipt. Hardware purchased from RIM Internet must be returned within 3-day for full refund.


6. You must pay return postage or deliver to Payson AZ office.


7. Refunds are issues upon receiving good working modem in original box, with all accessories and good condition.

8. See Terms and Conditions for more details

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