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The Router comes

ACTIVATED with 3-days Return Policy

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  • Connect up to  20 devices via WiFi

  • Powerful external antennas

  • 12v power supply/input

  • Industrial business-class device


  • Requires Plan

  • 20 Devices on WiFi

  • 1 WAN port

  • 4 LAN ports

  • External 4G block Window antenna,

    • 6ft cable



  • WiFi Your Whole Home

  • 3-days Return Policy

  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty

  • FREE Shipping

  • $60 Installation fee** Optional

Pricing Subject To Change Without Notice.

See Terms and Conditions.

Installation Support

** On-site installation - Optional, only available in Northern and Central Arizona

Remote installation support - included with modem purchase

4G LTE Antenna w/ SMA
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